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We all need more sanity.

North of the Equator
I excel at being late to the party and wearing a paper bag on my head. I find it rather asstastic that these two things are too long to be included in my interests. Aside from that, I lurk. I'll comment on stuff from time to time, but I loathe getting involved and stuff. I'll talk more about it someday (perhaps including the part where discovering Andrew Garfield resulted in a very abrupt and sudden hatred of RPF/RPS). Also be aware that this journal contains swearing and plenty of it. If you're wondering what my mother would think, I inherited her potty mouth. It seems to be a family tradition.

Oh, and I'm a Schlieri fan. I have very mixed feelings about this since the last I checked it's not a good thing. :(

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User Number: 9658697
Date Created:03-02-2006
Number of Posts: 458

Strengths: whip smart, realist, resourceful, savvy, compact build
Weaknesses: perfectionist, demanding, high pressure, an emotional trainwreck
Special Skills: research, recognizing hypocrisy, linguistic skills, sharp instinct
Weapons: perserverence, creativity to turn anything into a weapon, strong fingers and fingertips
Rule of Life: Prejudice always runs both ways. One who ignores this does so at the world's peril.

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adding -tastic to words, airplanes, analyzing snowflakes, anti-american idol, anti-florida, anti-walmart, atheism, aussie accents, awesome tv characters, balancing acts, being a weird american, being unusual, blackmail, blue, brains, break dancing, broccoli and onions pizza, centrists, certain ski jumpers, chipotle, class acts, classic style, collecting mixology trivia, community involvement, cooking, correct grammar, critical thinking, cynicism, deconstruction, denial, digital cameras, don cheadle movies, driving, evolution, exceptions to the rule, facepalming, giving a damn, god shunner, green apples, gutter minds, holiday inn beds, imagination, individuality, intelligent music, intuition, jack and coke, keeping it real, kiwi accents, late nights, lurking in fandoms, making history, making up words, males, malice, mental dysfunction, minnesota, minnesota boys, moral quandries, native minnesotans, nerdiness, non-caffeinated beverages, not having children, oj with pulp, old navy, olympics, originality, overthinking, partying, people with non-linked interests, percy grainger, perversion, photo editing, pizza luce, poking fun, population control, pragmatism, pro-abortion, profanity, proving people wrong, realism, reality, remix the clips, research, sacrilege, scoffing at my generation, ski jumping, slander, sleeping, snapping photos, snowmen, some british accents, soup, specialization, speculation, spinach, stick figures, stupid jokes, swearing like a motherfucker, tattoos, the pacific rim, thesaurus, travelling, typos, veggies, verbal wars, violence, war movies, winning, writing


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